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Last updated on : 1 Nov 2020

B2B Meetings & Introductions


B2B Meetings & Introductions

We help our clients in targeting the right interlocutors and build a meaningful network arranging ad hoc meetings with people who are truly relevant for the business and for the projects.

MATI introduces it’s clients with right customers and suppliers which enables their efficient time management and cost savings. Mati brings minds and business together very quickly and this automatically results in substantial saving in terms of management and time costs for the Client. Mati investigates the project /business requirements of clients based on the information provided by the Client and works in detail and elaborately to introduce right customer/supplier to the Client which helps the clients to quickly establish business relationships with their customer/supplier and to meet the time lines of Client’s business requirements.

Mati for this purpose uses social media, virtual meetings and latest technology to quickly schedule the meetings between the companies and finalize the business dealing between the companies.

Mati’s approach in B2B meetings is completely differs from traditional marketing and procurement practices adopted by Client’s procurement /project team due to MATI’s strong and direct connectivity with various business companies around the Globe. Mati helps it’s Clients in getting on borad the pre- qualified manufactures, suppliers and subcontractors by nurturing business relationships through professional prior sales interactions which drives Clients to running meaningful & cost effective business and meeting the scheduled timelines.